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Stock up on vinyl advertising banners for the fall/winter season NOW! We reduced prices on all of our horizontal vinyl banners. This is the perfect time to grab a few for the fall season harvest, Halloween, hayrides, and early bird sale for christmas trees, wreaths, and more. 

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Large Willow Tray Sale

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Reduced another $10 - Pumpkin Patch Banner

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Free Shipping on Halloween /Holiday Inspired Baskets

Halloween and Christmas inspired hand painted baskets. Both are 1 peck or 8 quart size baskets. There are 15 in a case, for a delivered price of $5.99 per basket. Great for gifts, Halloween candy, or for table decoration and display.

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Early Bird Pricing on our Custom Apple Bags


Must order by February 28th LATEST for delivery by early July. Only 1/3 down to order!


10% Early Bird discount for all orders placed before January 30, 2015.

RIGHT NOW - Stock up on Custom Printed Plastic Apple Bags and Apple Tote bags! Lowest prices of the year: ORDER BY Feb 28TH

Order by Jan 30 take off 10%





Important: Please allow for up to 10% over or underrun. We will adjust final billed amount.

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10 lb Apple Bag Sale - Save $50

Save up to $50 per case and stock up for Apple Season!

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1 Bushel Apple Box Sale $75 OFF!

Price Reduced $75 per skid! For a limited time only.

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American Made Produce Roll Bags Sale!

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